Thursday, 12 April 2018

New product range

Redken Brews New Product Range

Get the men's haircare, men's hairstyling, grooming, beard and face products you need with Redken Brews.
Choose from men's shampoo and men's conditioner to meet your unique haircare needs. From there, choose from an array of men's hairstyling products like hair gel for men, a selection of hair pomades, hairspray for men, and men's hair paste to complete your hairstyle.
Take better care of your skin with new grooming, beard and face products by Redken Brews .For your facial hair needs, try Redken's newest men's shaving cream, or add a drop of beard oil to nourish your facial hair and combat any dry skin underneath your beard. 

Now available at Urban Male

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Friday, 2 February 2018

Simple Grooming Tips

Here are some simple grooming tips you can incorporate into your life                          

  •    Wear deodorant every day
  •    Neck beards are not cool
  •     Less is more with cologne
  •     Ear hair needs to be attended to
  •    Trim your nose hair every week
  •    Trim your toes nails every week in the summer    every    other week in the winter
  •    Wash your face twice a day
  •    Exfoliate your face at night once a week
  •    Apply facial moisturizer daily
  •    If you have back hair get rid of it
  •    Eyebrows- you need two of them
  •    Handle your dandruff with a medicated shampoo
  •    Don't go too long between hair cuts
  •    Keep your beard well groomed

 Make 2018 your year to be well groomed!